Application for Brands, Advertisers and Sponsors

The channel will broadcast exclusive thought leadership content, including tools and tactics for being successful in today changing global market conditions. The New, Live, 24/7 News and Events channel will have a global reach across our website and social channels to a potential audience of 3 million viewers during prime streaming hours.

Securing your commercial and paid advertising spot on our channel lineup we will give you and your brand exclusive access to our 3 million potential business decision makers in Metro NYC and beyond. Our format of Thoughts leaders across 40 different vertical markets and Celebrity Business Influencers and Top Business Networking Thought Leadership Podcasts. Your paid commercial spot or spots will give your brand an opportunity to showcase your company to influencers and business decision makers.

Brands, Advertisers and Sponsors interested in getting access to the following Audience:

  • 1. B2B Decision makers and executives from the SMB Market in Metro NYC and Beyond
  • 2. Non-for-Profit Organizations
  • 3. Medical and Healthcare Industry executives
  • 4. Celebrity Athlete and Business Influencers audiences
  • 5. Local and Regional Manufacturers

We have limited commercial segments available and are interested in exclusive brands that want to partner with WGN Channel.