World Golf Network understands that in this generation, a successful business is no longer reliant on the quality of products and services. Honesty and integrity in a company are vital and the key lies in the authenticity of the people that work to make it happen. WGN embraces a culture where good character will always remain the key priority.

Leveraging networking platforms has become mainstream in modern business. Knowing that different people have connections with the people that you trust in your own life makes your willingness to work with them stronger, and allows you a gateway into meeting more people that may help you in your future business ventures. Online business, while definitely being more accessible and efficient, does not eliminate the problem that you do not know the people you are dealing with just because you have read a profile on them, or they can provide good ratings about themselves. To truly trust people, we must know them for ourselves, and make sure that they have our best interests at heart. WGN aims to establish this culture, that even in a world full of maintaining a good image, good character will always remain the key priority. Who we appear to be means nothing if it is not who we are. In-person networking will always be the best way of maintaining your quality of business, to carry through your own values with people who share similar ones.

Face to Face

Prescreened decision makers meeting quality business executives saving time and resources

90% member retention rate

A business community built on loyalty, trust and positive relations

Qualified referrals that lead your business to new heights

The WGN Distinction

Purely a Social Network

A place where people feel comfortable, enjoy themselves and build relationships where business happens naturally.

Decision Makers Only

Each selected member is a key decision maker, essentially cutting out the “middleman” to make the deal-closing process more efficient and timely.

Member Pre-Qualification

The WGN membership admittal process is highly selective to ensure that all members are receiving mutual benefit in being given access to quality leads for their business and also providing quality resources in return.

WGN Testimonials

Joe Kaplan (Grey Sky Films)

“ WGN truly understands what helps drive business success. No matter what industry you may be in, WGN offers you the opportunity to connect with fellow business leaders that care -- that care about your success as much as theirs. This is a unique difference that sets WGN apart from other networking or business groups, and I'm really glad to be a part of the WGN family! ”

Andy Botwin (Strategy People Culture)

“ WGN has been great at forcing me to use golf as a way to not only improve my game and have fun but to incorporate my business development effort into the sport. ”

Mitch Roman

“ Not only does this program force me to relax occasionally in the hectic work schedule but it allows me to entertain my best clients and everyone knows it is easier to keep a customer than find a new one or a better saying is if you don’t take care of your customers someone else will. ”

Eugene Kublanovsky (Kublanovsky Law LLC)

“ I've gotten into the concept of doing business on the golf course so much that I made my business cards into golf ball markers. ”

Larry Bloom

“ WGN gives me the best excuse to get out of the office while still feeling like business is getting done while I am gone. It combines doing something that I enjoy with accomplishing my business ”

Effectiveness of virtual vs in-person meetings

Time is Money

The sales process can most easily be defined in four distinct stages: identifying prospects, gaining buy-in from potential customers, creating solutions, and closing the deal. Salespeople are most often hired to reach these prospects, but hiring the right ones can be difficult, and costly both in time and capital. WGN acts as a customized salesperson, offering a quick solution to the first three stages of the sales process to bring you straight to closing deals.

The more time and resources that are spent in attempt to acquire new business, the more you cut into your profit margin. WGN introduces key administrators to ideal prospects on the executive level that ultimately saves time, energy, and money. By strengthening your network with the right audience, unanticipated resources and opportunities are easily achieved.